All Your Love

So I started writing this song in December to be an Advent song and I didn't get it finished until after the New Year. The main idea of the song came from thinking about how much God condescended to show his mercy during Advent. It really sank in, that my whole life with him is typified by condescending mercy. This simple truth fills my heart with thanksgiving every time I think about it. This is our God. The God who regularly humbles himself to reach his enemies and pursue the weak in faith, the low and the humble. We played it during worship but the recording did not come out that well so I decided to record it in my office. As you can see, it has taken me quite some time to get it finished but here it is. My wife even stopped by one morning to record some harmonies. Awesome! It's my post Advent song, released post Easter.

p.s. Apparently, since Sarah listened to it so much in the car in to prepare for recording, both of my children learned it too! Sarah captured it on her handheld device here.


All Your Love       (listen)       (chords)

All my life, Is your life. Since you came, Light of Light.

And all your love I'd never know, Unless you came to me. And all your love I'd never know, Unless you remade me.

And now I cry, Praise the Savior! Your peace is mine, I'm yours forever.

And all your love I'd never know,  Unless you saved me. And all your love I'd never know, Unless you bound and bathed me.

Jesus has come that he should call us, If we are his, he will not lose us, And if he calls us, then he'll complete it, If he lives in us, then we shall se him. We don't deserve how he repays us, We did not work that he should owe us, We had not grace that he was drawn to, We had not worth until he made us new.

And I'm so grateful that you came.