Easter: His Word will Never Die

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe.-- Hebrews 1:1-2

This is another song that came as an assignment from one of my LAMP seminary classes. It is on the doctrine of the Word. Jesus said that heaven and earth may pass away but his words would never pass away. Further, on Easter we celebrate the Word made flesh; resurrected and forever alive. The living Word of God, (through whom the cosmos was created, about whom it testifies and by whom it is held together) the Son of God, can never die.

Vocals: Nathan Partain, Kyle Ragsdale Acoustic guitar: Nathan Partain Fiddle: Kipp Normand Washboard: Elyce Elder Shaker: Brian Allee Banjo: Kyle Edgell Harmonica: Jeremy Grimmer Bass: Joel Chodakowski Djembe: Wes Homoya


His Word will Never Die     (listen)     (chord chart)

From the first of creation, The Lord God of heaven, Has stood out in broadest daylight. So that all of his creatures, Should know of his nature, And worship their Author of Life. Yet though all his wisdom, Cries out at each corner, All the day and all through the night. The whole of mankind, Has not wanted to find, Any god who would challenge their pride.

See our God is not silent at all, He has spoken in so many ways, That his children would come to his call, To believe and be saved. Though the sun go dark, And the land lost to sea, Though the stars fall out of the sky, His word never will die!

So out of compassion, Pursuing all nations, He called a small people his own, That walking in mercy, They’d make the world holy, As their fountain of grace overflowed. Then He sent and inspired, The words of the prophets, Who called out with blessings and woes. Their words being written, That all who received them, The unchanging God they would know.

See our God is not silent at all, He has spoken in so many ways, For in Jesus his words are complete, And his promises they are yay. Though evil should stand, And pervade every land, Though his children be pressed on all sides, His word will never die!

At just the right moment, The Lord God infinite, Was born into the world he had made. Incarnate and holy, He explained the great mystery, Hidden before every age. But those who weren’t looking, To yield to any king, Rejected and killed him in hate. Not knowing the plan, That the Word became man, All to die and to rise and to save.

 See our God is not silent at all, He has spoken in so many ways, That in Christ are the doors opened wide, Unto all who’d receive his grace. Though all of human pride, In their denial strive, To disprove that our God is alive, His Word never will die!

Though false hood confuse every mind, With deceptions like angels of light, Though the faithful are nowhere in sight, Any hope is hard to find, Let the dead be raised, Let them cry out with  praise. All God said is in Jesus Christ, His word never will die!