I Belong to Jesus

This is the sixth song on the new record. I rewrote the music to this hymn by M. Fraser in mid 2005. The idea of being purchased by God with the blood of Jesus is one of the truths of the gospel that I have been thinking on for the past few years so I was very excited to find these simple words. After reading them, the melody came out almost all at once. If you are interested in purchasing the record, it is available at CDBaby or if you would like to buy it directly from me just send me a comment.


I Belong to Jesus (listen)

I belong to Jesus; I am not my own; All I have and all I am, Shall be his alone. I belong to Jesus; He is Lord and King, Reigning in my inmost heart, Over ev'rything.

I belong to Jesus; Blessed, blessed thought! With his own most precious blood, Has my soul been bought. I belong to Jesus; He has died for me; I am his and he is mine, Through eternity.

I belong to Jesus; He will keep my soul, When the deathly waters dark, Round about me roll. I belong to Jesus; And fore'er I'll stand With my precious Saviour there, In his glorious land.